15 December 2023: Cacao ceremony, Heartdancing® & Ecstatic Dance 

An evening for opening your heart with the sacred medicine Cacao, Heartdancing and Ecstatic Dance. Cacao opens your heart, has a positive effect on your health, creativity, it relaxes your muscles and makes you feel more happy. Ingredients for a special night of connecting with yourself and others. Heartdancing® will help you opening up a little more, brings you in contact with your body and being and in connection with each other on a playful, conscious and open way. DJ Yarun Dee inspires you to continue your dance voyage in a magical and surprising way!


18.45 - 19.25   Door open
19:30 - 20.15  Cacao ceremony and Heartdancing® met Tanja Faber
20.15 - 22.15   Ecstatic Dance with DJ Yarun Dee


We dance barefoot, without words, in our own energy (so no coffee, alcohol, drugs) and with respect for each other.
Free herbal tea and water with  natural flavours.  Bring your own water bottle and/or non breakable cup for tea. 
We have a colourfull chill out where you can relax and a terrace at the river Zaan. 


Ecstatic Dance is for everybody, either you come alone or together with friends. Reservation not needed but recommended, to make sure you can enter. You can also pay in cash at arrival. Entrance € 18 (for workshop and Ecstatic Dance).  
No refund of registration fee neither rescheduling. 
This event is organized by Stichting The Sacred Voyage 2012-1. 


Venue: Sacred Temple, Oostzijde 355, Zaandam
Free parking at train station Zaandam Kogerveld or in the neighbourhood (please do NOT park in front of the houses in the street).