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5 day retreat Rebirth of the Soul (with two ceremonies), 12-16 November 2022, Drenthe

The Rebirth of the Soul
A once in a lifetime adventure of self discovery and healing.

This is part of The Sacred Voyage's most advancd healing program. All our knowledge and experience is focused in this program, that is build around Rumi's famous quote: "The Wound is the Place where the Light enters".

In this retreat you'll find out all about your woundings, where to locate them in your body and even more important: how to liberate the stuck blockages and frozen emotions. With the goal to be more open, loving and expressive to live life to the fullest, as the most complete full version of YOU.

The process starts weeks in advance to your retreat with your biography, with special designed questions that help to reveal hidden information about your past. In this 5 day retreat we use most of the techniques we demonstrate in the movie The Rebirth of the Soul, like Heartdancing, Core Wound Breathwork and Soul Retrieval. With your fellow participants you'll create a strong healing tribe, and the experienced Sacred Voyage guides guide your proces save, loving and careful.

RETREAT 12-16 November 2022 (adjustments in program schedule can be made):
Day 1: Arrival, Sharing, Heartdancing
Day 2: Soul retrievals, Time Line/ Core Wound breathwork session 1 
Day 3: core wound breathwork session 2, 1st mother plant ceremony
Day 4: 2nd mother plant ceremony
Day 5: Integration, sharing, heartdancing, closing

Arrival 12 November: 14:00-15:00
End 16 November: 14:00

Price, venue and food
Price retreat: € 795  included accommodation/food (bring your own sheets/sleeping bag)

Venue: Drenthe, new venue (the Netherlands), about 2 hours by train & taxi from Amsterdam Schiphol to venue.
Trainer: Tanja Faber, founder of the Sacred Voyage
Language: English

Preparation: scroll down at for the Rebirth of the Soul
You can watch our documentary Rebirth of the Soul   

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workshop: multi-day
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