Down payment 4 day retreat 24-28 September 2022. 

 This 4 day retreat can bring you back in connection with your own nature, connecting with your own essence. You will have two (mother) plant ceremonies & breathwork, a preparation day with Heartdancing & sharing  and an integration day with integration workshop and closing Heartdancing.

The venue is situated in nature, in a valley only 25 minutes from Faro in the Algarve. A team of experienced guides will support your processes .  Ceremonial leaders Tanja Faber/Sijtje Jansen/Renee Speijcken and a loving team of Sacred Voyage Angels will be there. 

Arrival on the 24 September between 7-9 pm. 
Price: € 775  including accommodation and food (soups, fruit and crackers due to the fasting, and a normal vegetarian breakfast and lunch on the last day).
Language: English

Cancellation policy: after paying the down payment your spot is reserved. No refund  or rescheduling of the down payment. See cancellation policy in this webshop.  

Limited spots available. 

Product information:

workshop: multi-day
fill in contraindications: -