Experience the connection with yourself, with others and with nature around you? A journey with Huachuma allows you to fully experience the bond with yourself and with Mother Earth. It is also called Grand father spirit.

Content retreat Through sharing, heartdancing, breathwork, chi qong and an encounter with Huachuma you will experience on a deep soul level that we are all unique and yet one. It's one thing to read about, but really feeling that you are connected to everything and everyone is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give yourself. On the last day we integrate with sharing and (connecting) movement to music so that you go home well grounded.

The cactus Huachuma, also known as the San Pedro cactus, is a sacred medicinal plant from the Andes. Its use is centuries old. The plant is a master teacher, hence the local name “Spirit of the Gods”. It helps to heal, to learn, to awaken and to see what stands in our way.

Contra indication: it is not allowed to use any medication in combination with SP.

What can you expect? A journey with Huachuma is a journey with a lot of gentleness. Huachuma reconnects us with ourselves and with Mother Earth. The plant is a master teacher. It helps us heal, grow, learn and awaken, and helps us reach higher states of consciousness. The plant teacher shows us that we are all spirits of light; we are all precious and special. He teaches us to see and hold the divine energy within us. 

Where: Drenthe
When: 21 October start programma 8.30 pm /20:30 (arrival between 7-8 pm/ 19-20:00). End on 24 October 2 pm/ 14:00
Facilitators: Bas Jansen and Renée Speijcken
Price: € 675 (incl accommodation in two person bedrooms, food). Bedding and towel bring your own or to rent for € 15 to be paid in cash at arrival day or in webshop (accommodation).  

Down payment is non refundable neither to be rescheduled. See cancellation policy in our webshop. 

After full payment you will receive the information needed, address etc. (at the latest one month prior to the retreat).  

Product information:

workshop: multi-day
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