Deposit 24-26 February 2023


A retreat with a lot of silence, awareness, but also liberation from what wants to come loose and what you want to let go. i.a. rituals, breathwork and of course a ceremony.


When do you experience inner silence?

In the absence of sound, or thought, or movement? This weekend we leave behind everything that distracts us from just having to be. We sink deep into ourselves, into everything that lives, beyond the words and everything that is asked of us one day.

Maybe a little awkward or exciting, but once you taste this… it feels very natural, coming home in a bath of awareness.


We are going to rediscover who we are without a cellphone, without a book and without a conversation with our roommate.


There will be natural sound, and movement and following of all kinds of impulses. And we will sink deeper and deeper into a field of tranquility, of stillness, of a vast sense of being, beyond the physical body. Here we experience a deepening connection with ourselves and the other. We feel again where we stand in our lives and which aspects, people and qualities are important to give more attention to. What we can say goodbye to or what we want more of.

Together we will wade into an all-bearing field this weekend. A field that is always there, only so easily overwhelmed by talk, bustle, thoughts and the multiplicity of everyday life. A weekend for you without obligations, without work, family, kids or social behavior. 

A wonderful opportunity to recharge.


What will we do? 

Sharing, Heartdancing, letting go ritual (fire ceremony), connected breathing session, silence walk in the woods and a ceremony with the mother. Of course integration on the last day with, among other things, a beautiful ritual.


In this retreat there is silence between the program parts and no words are used. Not in the breaks, not at dinner, not when together. As mentioned, we invite you to go into this weekend without a phone so that you can fully focus on you.


Arrival - End

Arrival of participants 24 February 2023 from 14:00-15:00, start program 15:30.

End of Sunday 26 February around 14:00


Location & price: Drenthe, price € 395 (including accommodation and food)

The retreat is led by very Sijtje experienced retreat facilitator Jansen and a team from The Sacred Voyage


Check the cancellation conditions in our webshop.

The deposit amount is not refundable or transferable (€ 150)


Product information:

workshop: multi-day
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