Restant betaling  - Magische Kind retreat (Engelstalig)

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In this retreat you can (re)connect with your magical child, your creativity, your body and everything that needs te be healed and discovered.
This international 4 day Magical Child retreat contains Heartdancing, Sacred Breath (breathwork), Labyrinth walk, sharing(s) and two ceremonies (niños sanctos & mother) including creativity expression.

Arrival on 11 May 2023:  13:30 - 14:30 , end retreat 14 May 2023 aprox 14:00.

Program starts on first day at 15:00
Location: Holland, Drenthe
Price: € 695,- (including accommodation/food)
Included: 3x overnight stay; veggie foods. Excluded: Bedding & towels € 12,50 (or bring your own sleeping bag, towel, bedsheet and pillow cover)
Language: Engish

No refund of down payment (€ 200), neither in case of illness or due to covid related reason.


Please pay attention to the cancellation policy in the webshop. 

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