Day workshop/training Sacred Breath 

For whom? For those who want to experience our organization, our work and are willing to dive into their own inner worlds by just using your breath. And for those who are longing to dive in again into their inner worlds with intense breathwork with sessions of 1,5 hours. Or for those who would like to connect before joining the Soul Coach training. 

We work in pairs and you will experience one session as a breather, the other one as a sitter (which is experienced by a lot already as amazing and special by just witnessing another soul processing which can trigger you in your own processes as well).

Arrival 9.15-9.45 (door closes at 9:50)
Start: 10:00 introduction & Heartdancing
First session: before lunch
Lunch: bring your own
Second session: after lunch
Closing/sharing, end aprox 18:00

Tea and coffee is served.

Venue: Zaandam (near Schiphol, 15 min)
Price: € 110 p/p 
Trainer: Tanja Faber-Baetsen
To bring: comfortable clothes (in layers), bottle of water, blindfol/mindfold, notebook and pen
Language: English and/or Dutch depending on participation English speaking participants 

Your registration fee is non refundable neither to be used for another retreat.  You can ask someone else to take your spot if you cannot make it. Of course this person needs to fit in the conditions (contact As soon as we have received your payment your spot is reserved. Two weeks in advance you will receive an email with practicals. 


We ask you not to join if you have symptoms of cold, fever, throat pains, covid.

Please fill in the intake form at our website for breathwork and return at the latest two weeks in advance.

Keep in mind that if you have contra indication like pregnancy, psychiatric background like psychoses, schizofrenia or borderline, high blood pressure, heart diseases, it's better not to join. If you use anti depressants please contact us. 


Sacred Breath is part of the Soul Coach program the Sacred Voyage offers in training modules, year training and workshops

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workshop: meerdaags
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