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This international 4 day Voyahuasca retreat contains Heartdancing, Sacred Breath (breathwork), two ceremonies (one psilocybine ceremony, one Voyahuasca ceremony) and integration.
Arrival on Thursday 15 September 2022: 2.30-3.30pm , end Sunday 18 September 2022 aprox 2.00 PM

Program starts at 4 pm on 15 September. 
Location: Holland, Drenthe (new venue)
Ceremonial leader Judith van den Heuvel
Price: € 645,- (including accommodation/food)
Included: 3x overnight stay in 2-3 person bedrooms; veggie foods.
Excluded: transfer. 

No refund or rescheduling of deposit (€ 200). Read our cancelation policy in our webshop. 

Product information:

workshop: multi-day
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