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This retreat is organized from Tanja Faber -Baetsen her own company Sacred Lotus ( - Dutch). This company focusses on women topics, couples, training and coaching. 

Sacred Lotus for Women retreat: inner motherhood

In this retreat you will connect with the woman you are. Connecting to our female parts, inside and outside.

As a women we go through 3 stages in our life. The little innocent girl, the fertile women (the mother) and the wise women (the women in/after menopause). In this retreat we make contact with all three. And you don't have to have lived all three stages yet ;-). 

Do you take care the way you would want it? Or is most of the time the other person(s) more important than you? Some of us are mothers who gave birth to children, others have stepchildren, some of you wanted to be a mother but didn't become one (yet), and again others have choosen not to be a mother in this life. We all have our own process in being a mother and woman. But most of us have forgotten that we are a mother no matter we have actual kids or not. We all have a little girl inside of us that needs care, our care. And most of us are struggling how to handle and deal with that girl that quite often has been left, forgotten and is not seen the way she wants to be seen.
In this retreat we are going to connect with her. And we are going to learn how to take care of her. To be our own mother for our inner child.

With beautiful workshops connecting with our feminity as a preparation for the plant medicine ceremony (mother plant). Also breathwork, Heartdancing, yoga, breast meditation, heart meditation, sauna and ritual(s).

You will be supported by a wonderful team of female guides. This retreat will be lead by Tanja Faber-Baetsen, co founder of The Sacred Voyage and founder of Sacred Lotus.

Arrival 16 February: arrival 7-8 pm, start program 8.30 pm,
Checkout 19 February:  15:00 

Price: € 625 including accommodation in 2-3 person bedrooms and food
Rental bedsheets/towel € 15
Maximum of 22 women

Venue: beautiful venue in the woods, Havelte, Holland
Down payment € 200 by webshop, remaining fee by bank transfer. 
No refund of down payment, see cancelation policy in our webshop

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