Module IV, Soul Coach training, 6-11 January 2024: Breathwork specialisation, down payment


In this new 6 day module IV of the international Soul Coach training, you will learn techniques for breathwork, interventions, dearmouring/pressure points and bodywork. Breathwork is an amazing tool for inner healing and growth. Our own breath is a powerful tool that can bring us physical, spiritual and emotional growth. It’s a tool that opens the body for healing, insights and transformations. This tool can be used in workshops, sessions and/or retreats for inner growth. 


The first 3 days contain breathwork sessions, techniques, teachings and sharing. Day 4 and 5 contain spirit ceremonies where you learn how to guide others in a safe setting. Day 6 is about integration and closing. In total you will experience 3 breathwork sessions yourself and guide others in three sessions. You'll experience one plant spirit ceremony and will guide also one. 



About the trainer:  Tanja Faber-Baetsen is trainer, coach and facilitator since 2005. She leads the (international) and Dutch Soul Coach training, facilitates womens retreats and is founder of the Heartdancing® course.  She is trained by Danish bodyworker and de-armouring specialist Susanne Roursgaard. 
Together with Lars she founded The Sacred Voyage in 2005. An organization that has guided almost 20.000 people, in the past 18 years, into the depth of their souls. Both have stepped back in organizing and facilitating plant medicine retreats. Lars said goodbye to this work in 2019, Tanja in 2022. Now their focus is to teach others how to facilitate a safe and loving setting for inner healing, inner child work and trauma healing.


This training is for those who want to learn more about breathwork and de-armouring/bodywork and how to set a safe setting for participants, learn about interventions and techniques. Not only through teachings but in guiding others you will learn and practice in the techniques. 

Arrival 6 January 2024 between 13:00 and 14:30, start program 15:00
End training 11 January 2024 around 15:00 after lunch buffet

Location: beautiful venue in the woods in Gelderland (The Netherlands, east)
Price: € 1.595 (6 days of training including accommodation and food)
Maximum  participants: 14


Please pay the full amount before 1 December 2023. After down payment your spot is reserved. Down payment is non refundable. Check our cancelation policy in the webshop. 


Product information:

workshop: multi-day
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