Complaints Procedure

Procedure of complaints The Sacred Voyage/ Kinetics Communicatie

If you are not satisfied about our service or if you have a complaint we shall do everything to connect with you  as soon as possible so together we can find out how we can solve the complaint. 

What can you do? 

If you have a complaint please let us know at

Or send a letter to Kinetics Communicatie BV, Mezenlaan 14, 2566 ZG Den Haag. 

As soon as we have received your complaint you will get a reply within a week. Our aim is to solve the complaint within 4 weeks. If more time is needed you will get notice of it. You complaint is threated confidentially. 

If you don't agree with our decision you can let us know in written reply. Your reply will be judged by an external party. This party will respond within 6 weeks and the outcome will be binding for all parties. 

All complaints received will be registered and stored during the period of the complaint procedure. They will be stored till two years after finishing the procedure.   

*Miss mr. M.C. van der Giessen, MfN, Mediators Federatie Nederland,